Research: A Healthy Diet Improves Your Mental Health and Happiness

Mental health and happiness are key to living the best life possible — new research shows that a healthy diet helps achieve this.

Depression has many origins it can be triggered by inherited genetics, a specific event,  your environment, the people you associate with, circumstances, or lifestyle choices.

Good nutrition is an effective way to prevent and treat depression – studies over the past 10 years confirm that healthy eating impacts both our physical health and our mental health.

An unhealthy diet – high in trans fats, sugar and processed and refined foods – increases our risk of depression by depriving us of nutrients we need and promoting bad bacteria in the gut, which impacts our mental and physical health.

Good Food Better than Friends for Happiness

A study of depressed people by epidemiologist Felice Jacka of Deakin University in Australia compared the therapeutic impact of changing to a healthy diet to the known benefits of additional companionship.

After 12 weeks participants that changed their diet felt significantly happier than those that received additional companionship.

Vegetables Build Happiness

Another study by the University of Konstanz in Germany found that eating more vegetables resulted in a higher level of happiness over time than eating sugar or unhealthy food.

In a test of 14 different food categories, eating vegetables contributed the largest share to eating-happiness measured over eight days. Eating sugary sweets only provided a short burst of eating-happiness in comparison to an overall healthy diet.

The study found that eating fruit and vegetables boosted well-being, happiness, and general life satisfaction in the short and longer term.

Beware Standard Solutions: We’re All Different

“While studies are useful in pointing us towards better health, always remember that each of us has a unique body and microbiome that responds in different ways to the same foods,” says coach Maria Theron.

“A Holistic health coach will teach and inform you regarding research, and guide you through a journey of self-discovery to learn what primary and secondary food types work best for your body.”

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