About Maria Theron

I am a certified health coach with a degree in psychology and 20+ years of experience in executive coaching and mentoring.

I offer you a fresh and fun approach to health and life.

My focus is to help men and women overcome stress-induced conditions and issues caused by modern corporate life, dietary shortcomings, and to help men and women with low energy to regain the joys of overall wellness.

It’s a Partnership

Together you and I will identify, unpack and address whatever is holding you back from feeling amazing.

I will create a personalised (just-for-you) holistic program aimed at enhancing your wellness by improving your daily intake – not only of food (body-fullness) but also of everything else you consume every day (mind-fullness). 

My approach as a health and wellness coach is to guide you along a journey of learning to increasingly thrive in wellness. Together, we will explore what eating plan and lifestyle habits will serve you best.

Together, we’ll bring about your transformation

You will become more aware of digestion and its importance for overall wellbeing. You will become more conscious of how your body feels when eating specific foods

Mindful Lifestyle

During our journey together you’ll become attentive to the effect that all the inputs you consume – from career challenges to social conversations – have on your body and mind.

You will learn to make smarter and more mindful eating and lifestyle decisions.

Forget diets. Forget food fads. Stop feeling enslaved by an obsession over your body or the way others perceive you.

You will feel more energetic, more confident, more in control.

Regain Control of Your Life

Let’s face it: you’re busy. You’re stressed. You have meetings to go to and social functions to attend.

Dining and socializing with clients and colleagues are par for the course. Junk food takes its toll. You know you’re not sleeping enough. You have no time (nor inclination) to exercise.

You’ve achieved success – but you’re paying the price: you’re out of shape, out of sorts, out of energy… and a little out of control.

Start Now

Reading this is the first step to winning back your former energy, sense of control and zest for life.

Your next step is scheduling an initial consultation for us to get to know each other and decide a way forward. schedule your free initial health consultation.

Give it Time

It could be a turning point in your life.

The Art of Feeding Me is not a quick fix. It does not involve weighing foods, logging the calories you consume, starving yourself.

You don’t need to change or challenge religious beliefs or the way you view the world.

You’ll benefit from the time, respect and empathy I offer you as a confidante and health coach.


You will find that performing at your peak becomes easier, more sustainable and rewarding.

You’ll find clarity, calm and balance in your work life and personal life.

Food will no longer be a problem; it’ll become an adventure.

I’ll help you love YOUR life, crazy as it is.

And I’ll show you how to get there without impossible diets, stressful workout regimens, magic pills, silver bullets, and detoxes because that’s how I did it!

You’ll learn to make food and lifestyle choices that nourish you… without adding more “shoulds” and hours to your busy life.

Lust for Life

I help clients to increase sexual energy and raise low libido.

Together we’ll discover why your sex hormones may be out of balance – and how dietary changes or another intervention may help to reset them

I will introduce you to Prana, and how to apply this powerful life-force energy to your daily life. You’ll gain an understanding of male and female menopause and peri-menopause – and learn ways to replace suffering and exhaustion with joy and energy.

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