8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Happiness


Good mood and happiness are key to a healthy life.

Here are eight easy ways to improve your mood and boost your happiness.

1. Get Outside

Nature and fresh air are important to our mental health and happiness.

Try to spend at least 2 hours a week outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s one two-hour session or 20 minutes a day but get fresh air.

The more the better.

Why is time in nature important?

2. Interact With a Friend

We are social creatures that need social interactions to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Loneliness is toxic.

Try to meet friends or a friend for coffee or to share a meal or experience a few times a week.

Don’t have time to meet up? Just call your best friend or someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Why is spending time with friends important?

3. Spend Time Alone

Make sure to spend some quality me-time alone every week, preferably without electronic devices

The aim is to be quiet, alone, and peaceful. This can be a walk, relaxing at home, or meditation, but schedule and protect your alone times.

Why is alone time so important?

4. Exercise

Make sure you get enough exercise.

You’ll sleep better, feel less stress, and improve your physical and mental health and happiness.

Try to sneak in a bit of exercise by taking the steps, parking a bit further away and walking. Schedule gym visits, weekend hikes or whatever exercise you enjoy — it’s really important.

Why is exercise important?

5. Eat Healthy 

Unhealthy foods taste great and are easy to find, but fast food is bad for your body and mind.

Make every meal a healthy one — order a salad instead of a sandwich, eat an apple instead of a muffin, and make sure your grocery shopping list includes lots of vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Why is eating healthy so important?

6. Listen to music

Music you enjoy is good for your mental wellness.

Make one or more happy playlists — some relaxed, some high energy — to enjoy when your mood needs a boost, or your brain needs to chill.

Why is music important to happiness?

7. Get More Sleep

Too little sleep really hurts your mind, body and happiness.

Boost your sleep by getting to bed early, sleeping in, and grabbing a nap when you can.

Treat sleep time as importantly as exercise time and track it to help you manage enough sleep — it will pay real dividends.

Why is enough sleep so important?

8. Laugh and Smile More

As children we laugh and smile for hours a day, but sadly as adults we lose these good habits.

Smiling and laughing more often is an easy way to boost your health and happiness, and the health and happiness of those around you.

Practice smiling — not a fake smile please — more often and find reasons to laugh. Laughter is better for you when you’re not laughing at the misfortunes of others.

Choose a comedy or funny movie, spend time with people that make you laugh. Make this a conscious decision and launch a campaign to laugh and smile more.

Why is smiling and laughter so important?

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