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Hi — I’m Holistic Health Coach Maria Theron — here with my husband in January 2019.

Now in our early fifties, we have healthy bodies, high energy, a great relationship, and successful careers.

We travel, work and play, and love eating out — no calorie counting or strict diets for us.

I coach and mentor men and women who are interested to take their health into their own hands.

Let me show you ways to lose the diet mentality forever, get healthier and happier and even lose weight!

Holistic Health Coaching

Traditional life coaching is focused on your mental health and habits.

Holistic health coaching encompasses both mental and physical health.

I’ll help you find and fix what’s holding your life back — holistic coaching has already helped 100,000+ people.

Life Transformation

Changing your life takes courage and commitment.

My transformation was a journey from corporate rush-rush existence to creating the life I choose to live.

After coaching I have more energy, a better life and body than 20 years ago.

Free Consultation

To get to know me, share your challenges and decide if my program is suited to you, I invite you to set up a call.

I Trained with the Best – so you don’t have to

I studied with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Arianna Huffington, Mark Hyman, Joshua Rosenthal, and the best nutrition and wellness experts in the world.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of their knowledge and wisdom during our journey together.

Arianna Huffington
David Jockers
Eric Berg
Frank Lipman
Gary Taubes
Joel Fuhrman
Joseph Mercola
Joshua Rosenthal
Lissa Rankin
Mark Hyman
Mark Sisson
Neal Barnard

Maria Theron BA Hons (Psychology), Certified Health Coach

I work mainly with corporate professionals.

As a leader at three executive search and specialist recruitment firms, I mentored and helped hundreds of executives to improve their careers.

After decades of stress, I found myself unhappy and overworked — in a rush to retirement.

I determined to take control and change my life.

For fifteen years I’ve studied world masters in positive psychology, relationship science, nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation and more.

Today I lead the life of my dreams.

Based in London and Cape Town, my husband and I have young bodies and minds.

My transformation inspired me to help others.

As a holistic health coach, I guide and mentor people around the world in their journeys to a better life.

Learn more about my coaching.

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Holistic Life Coach Maria Theron

The Art of Feeding Me – what it means

We are what we eat, and we eat so much more than food!

In Holistic Coaching we define PRIMARY FOODS as including your relationships, physical activity, career, environment, spirituality, access to nature and other important inputs that shape and nourish your life and happiness.

SECONDARY FOODS — what you eat — are important sources of physical nourishment that also impact your life in positive and negative ways. Understand your body and balance these correctly and excess weight will fall away while health problems resolve and your energy and vitality grows.

The secret of achieving your best possible life is to balance both your primary and secondary foods.

There are no universal diets or primary food rules that work for everyone.

Bio-individuality means that each of us is a beautiful and unique person that will find health and happiness in different ways.

My job — as your guide, mentor and coach — is to help you find and apply the primary and secondary lifestyle paths and changes that will build your health, energy, and happiness.

Life is short — let’s make it the best life possible.

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Holistic Life Coaching – in the Press

Integrative nutrition health coaching is taking the world by storm and is regularly featured in many of the world’s leading publications.

IIN is the largest nutrition school in the world with more than 100,000 students and graduates in over 150 countries

I trained and certified as an IIN Health Coach and recommend this training to anyone interested in entering the profession.

Learn more about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition training and certification here.

Health Coach Training & Certification




How I Work

If you’re ready to give your life wings, let’s get started:


Click below to request a no-cost consultation. I’ll ask for information to help me prepare for our first online call.


If I believe we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a call to get to know each other, answer your questions, and map a way forward together.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

A health coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority that guides clients to develop their best life by helping them to discover, make, and implement informed and personally tailored food and lifestyle changes.

The program cost depends on the level of complexity of your goals and health issues — these determine the duration and frequency of sessions that your coach will recommend.

An initial program plan is agreed during your first consultation.

This may be adjusted at any time by mutual consent to reduce as progress is made, or to increase if additional input and support is needed.

Coaching cost generally ranges between £150 and £400 per month, with an initial period of six months normally recommended to make life changes and create new habits to maintain them.

Health coaching can help reduce or prevent many global health problems:

  • Nearly 30% of the world population is obese or overweight, but less than 12% of doctor visits include nutrition counseling
  • 70% of deaths each year are caused by chronic illness that could be prevented or reduced through better nutrition
  • 1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure and heart disease that could be prevented or reduced through better nutrition and health
  • Only 3% of healthcare dollars are spent on preventing diseases

Health coaching’s focus on prevention through healthy living has the power to transform our world.

An increasing number of people want preventative and lifestyle management services from a Health Coach rather than typical doctors’ visits.

Some health insurance companies already fund health coaching — check with your health care provider to be sure.

As more medical practices hire health coaches to work alongside them, health coaching is being recognized as an essential component of the health care system.

Maria Theron joins integrative nutrition professionals like Deepak Chopra, Joshua Rosenthal, Andrew Weil, Joel Fuhrman, Mark Hyman, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in their ongoing campaign to convince policy makers and insurance providers to make health coaching more accessible to all.

Health coaching focuses on nourishing food and lifestyle choices — we emphasize the importance of local and organic produce, whole grains, plant-based and high-quality animal proteins, healthy fats, and clean air and water.

As we are all beautifully unique and different, we adapt and customize nutritional advice according to what works best for each client.

In addition to coaching you on your dietary inputs, your health coach will also focus on other important health inputs including your lifestyle habits, relationships, exercise, sleep, career, environment, spirituality and more.

There’s no one diet that works for everyone — this is a core principle of holistic and integrative nutrition.

I’ve studied and explored the benefits of more than 100 dietary theories. The secret is to learn from and find the wisdom in each, and to apply that knowledge to help each client find the way to eat that brings them good health, energy and vitality.

Your journey to wellness begins with self-focus to build a clear realization of who you are.

We are the sum total of our strengths and weaknesses, our thoughts and beliefs, and our emotions and motivations.

You’ll develop a realization that every input that you receive (whether physical – as in food – or emotional, spiritual or mental) feeds your being in different ways.

The wholesomeness of that input (whether it is negative or positive) and the way it interacts with you will either harm or nourish you.

‘Art of Feeding Me’ helps you to master maximizing the inputs that nourish you to create a state of optimal health and wellness.

You can’t — if you want to stay thin.

Research shows that people who lose weight fast regain the weight (and often more) over time.

Instead of a brutal weight loss diet, I help you discover the right way to feed your body, while also exploring how other aspects of your life may be driving weight gain.

We’re all unique and different — finding the right way to feed your body often results in sustained weight loss while eating happily without calorie counting or strict diets.

More importantly, this approach eliminates the stress of constant yoyo dieting and results in better health and with elevated energy and zest for life.

In my experience, divorce provides a wonderful opportunity to reinvent yourself and build a better life with improved health and energy.

Your newfound independence provides time and energy to focus on life change and improvement, which also provides a positive distraction from the pain of separation.

My coaching is based on self-love — a positive basis on which to build your better life.

Exhaustion and chronic fatigue are caused by negative inputs that poison your body at a cellular level.

Holistic health coaching helps you to analyze your inputs — including what you eat and drink, your lifestyle habits, relationships, exercise, sleep, career, environment, spirituality and more — to help you identify underlying causes of your energy symptoms and support you in making changes to rebuild your vitality and zest for life.

Stress, depression, and anxiety drive poor lifestyle habits, eating and dietary problems, mood and temper disorders, and even alcohol and substance abuse. They can diminish your energy, harm your relationships, and grind you down until life seems pointless.

As recruitment and career-coaching executive, I’ve seen how stress can impact career and life success.

Holistic health coaching helps you discover the underlying causes of your stress and to change your life in ways that rebuild your  physical, mental and social wellbeing.

There is a surprisingly small mind shift needed to move from stress and depression to a state of energy and joy.

Modern living can easily become a treadmill of living-to-expectations and rush-rush activity that leads us to lose control of our life.

Holistic coaching helps you examine every aspect of your life, identify and make corrective changes, and take control to build the life you want.

It takes work and perseverance, but discovering and building your state of energy and joy is supremely satisfying journey.

Headaches and migraine are often symptoms of nutritional problems, but may also be a reflection of negative thoughts, emotions and input poisoning your body at a cellular level.

Holistic coaching will help you to identify potential dietary problems, while also helping you analyze other life inputs including relationships, career, exercise, sleep, and environmental issues to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and help you to make changes that can reduce or eliminate your pain.

I specialize in helping men and women with low libido regain the joys of overall wellness.

Your sexual energy directly reflects your life force and state of wellbeing.

Sexual dysfunction may be a symptom of nutritional problems, or any of dozens of life inputs that can influence your thoughts and emotions and affect your vitality.

Holistic coaching helps you explore and identify potential negative inputs in what you eat, your relationships, career, exercise, sleep, environment and more to identify the underlying causes of your problems and help you work to make changes to reinstate your life force and zest for life.

We are social beings: loneliness and isolation are among the most painful human conditions.

Social problems can stem from low self-confidence or self-esteem, social skills not sufficiently exercised or developed, or may be a reflection of physical or mental health issues.

Holistic coaching helps you to identify underlying issues and find ways that help you to improve your situation.

Social problems can be the easiest to rectify — positive results can snowball as one new friend leads to another.

Remote coaching is better than traditional in-office visits in many ways.

Remote video coaching:

  • Allows you to find the best coach, even if they’re far from your home
  • Is convenient — schedule sessions at home or at work at your convenience
  • Is accessible — setup your first session and get started right away
  • Saves travel time — no travel or parking stress
  • Costs less — coaches save on high office rental fees and pass the savings on to you

What we eat is crucially important to our health — good food is medicine while bad eating can cause many problems.

But even healthy eaters can experience health problems caused by other life inputs that holistic health coaches can help you to identify and correct.

A holistic health coach looks beyond nutrition at your relationships, exercise, sleep, career, environment, spirituality and other inputs that affect your health and energy.

Health coaches often help clients to achieve dramatic health and energy improvements by treating the whole person.

Life Coaches guide people that are confused on what to do with their lives. They support clients in goal-setting, personal growth, and behavior modification.

Holistic health coaches use the same techniques but focus on nutrition as well as other important life inputs that affect overall health and wellness, such as your relationships, exercise, sleep, career, environment, spirituality and more.

By treating the whole person health coaches often help clients to achieve dramatic health and energy improvements.

Psychotherapy is focused on identifying and correcting mental health issues.

Holistic health coaching takes a broader approach, seeking to help you identify and correct problems that stem from nutrition, relationships, exercise, sleep, career, environment, spirituality and more.

By treating the whole person health coaches often help clients to achieve dramatic health and energy improvements.

Counselors normally specialize, for example focusing on marriage and relationships, career guidance, rehabilitation, substance abuse, mental health education and more.

Holistic health coaching takes a broader approach, seeking to help you identify and correct problems that stem from nutrition, relationships, exercise, sleep, career, environment, spirituality and more.

By helping clients to identify and correct issues in one area of life that are impacting on other areas, holistic health coaches are often able to help clients achieve dramatic health and energy improvements in surprising and unexpected ways.

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